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Paleo Paella

This is a Paleo version of the Valencia style of paella. Adaptions include smoked/ grilled chicken, but we kept it quick and simple with chorizo and shrimp. The basic flavors of this dish are saffron, and a richly complex tomato broth. It’s much quicker than traditional paella because cauliflower doesn’t absorb …

Portuguese Style Littleneck Clams

Littleneck clams are hands down my favorite seafood. I eat them raw, steamed or cooked Portuguese style. They are so delicious and relatively easy to cook with a cooking time of under 15 minutes you can have an amazing appetizer or meal. Littlenecks are loaded with protein, with an estimated 22 grams of protein per...

Secret Ingredient Paleo Meatloaf

So my husband absolutely loves meatloaf, which is great because it’s a relatively simple meal to prepare. BUT what complicates things is that he is incredibly particular about the meatloaf that he likes. I am pretty sure there’s nothing that pisses him off more than dry meatloaf (ok, that might be a …

Grilled Veggies w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette

Please excuse the fact that this photograph contains cheese (and that it’ s mozzarella, no less)!!   I took my summer cooking cue from John Mack Brown- It’s so easy to toss everything on the grill and to just let the charcoal do it’s thing. Plus, I doubt there’s anything more …
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Breakfast Egg Pizza

This is really not like pizza in any way, except for the fact that its round and flat. So naturally I deemed to call it pizza anyways. This is one of my favorite post workout meals because it is high in protein, moderate in good carbs, and low(ish) in fat. After I finish training I like to...

Bulletproof Chai… Modern Day Take on Yak Butter Tea

While I absolutely LOVE properly sourced, organic, fair trade coffee (especially when it’s cold brewed at home), I also think that there is something to be said for keeping things constantly varied, and not loading the body with super high doses of caffeine every morning. I also like to say “constantly …

Asian Pork Skewers

With grilling season upon us, be prepared for plenty of WWJME grill posts! I love grilling- it is nice cooking outside, makes less of a mess with dishes, and doesn’t heat up your house or make it smell with food aromas. I wanted to make a dish with grilled fruit on it so this was...

Grilled Artichokes with Remoulade Sauce

  Last week I went to a really good restaurant just so I could order the grilled artichokes with their insane Remoulade sauce. But guess what? It was NOT on the menu because it’s just a “SPRING MENU ITEM.” Awful. Complete bull. I maintained a good amount of sadness and tears. “All the pretty …

‘Livin Paleo’ Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ashley Beaver of Livin Paleo Cuisine is one of our closest (but farthest bc she’s in California) Paleo friends. I saw her chocolate chip cookie recipe and I mean, really, no words. You would think Paleo chocolate chip cookies were easy, but nope. Most recipes are not worth making twice, but theessse look amazing. So,...
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