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Grilled Veggies w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette

Please excuse the fact that this photograph contains cheese (and that it’ s mozzarella, no less)!!   I took my summer cooking cue from John Mack Brown- It’s so easy to toss everything on the grill and to just let the charcoal do it’s thing. Plus, I doubt there’s anything more …
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Breakfast Egg Pizza

This is really not like pizza in any way, except for the fact that its round and flat. So naturally I deemed to call it pizza anyways. This is one of my favorite post workout meals because it is high in protein, moderate in good carbs, and low(ish) in fat. After I finish training I like to...

Bulletproof Chai… Modern Day Take on Yak Butter Tea

While I absolutely LOVE properly sourced, organic, fair trade coffee (especially when it’s cold brewed at home), I also think that there is something to be said for keeping things constantly varied, and not loading the body with super high doses of caffeine every morning. I also like to say “constantly …

Asian Pork Skewers

With grilling season upon us, be prepared for plenty of WWJME grill posts! I love grilling- it is nice cooking outside, makes less of a mess with dishes, and doesn’t heat up your house or make it smell with food aromas. I wanted to make a dish with grilled fruit on it so this was...

Grilled Artichokes with Remoulade Sauce

  Last week I went to a really good restaurant just so I could order the grilled artichokes with their insane Remoulade sauce. But guess what? It was NOT on the menu because it’s just a “SPRING MENU ITEM.” Awful. Complete bull. I maintained a good amount of sadness and tears. “All the pretty …

‘Livin Paleo’ Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ashley Beaver of Livin Paleo Cuisine is one of our closest (but farthest bc she’s in California) Paleo friends. I saw her chocolate chip cookie recipe and I mean, really, no words. You would think Paleo chocolate chip cookies were easy, but nope. Most recipes are not worth making twice, but theessse look amazing. So,...

Grilled Chocolate Pineapple

I know, this may sound like another weird WWJME concoction but it is so delicious! Grilled pineapple topped with a cayenne, sea salt chocolate. Surprise some guests at a BBQ this summer with this delicious dessert!

Bone Broth Benefits… Better Than Botox

So, I’ve been drinking A LOT of bone broth lately, and it’s delicious! More (or maybe equally) important, though, is the fact that bone broth is loaded with nutrients and has innumerable health benefits – from healthier, firmer skin to healthy bones (more on this later). Just to clarify, this is NOT the …

Paleo Butter Protein Muffins

  Ahhh the protein muffin recipe. The holy grail of performance recipes….Here it is. This recipe actually came about because of a client. That’s right. I actually made it for someone else, but it wasn’t Paleo (she requested gluten-free oats).** When I’m not working on Paleo Butter Enterprises …
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