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Apple Cinnamon Power Bars

Yay! Another power bar recipe!  I absolutely love making my own power bars. This is my third version of these bars (the first being the original Peanut Butter and Chocolate Power Bars and the second being my Dark Chocolate Chip Espresso Bars). Since fall has finally arrived here in SoCal (well…sort …

Beets and Sweets Hash

I have to be totally honest I got this idea for Beets and Sweets from a vegetable chip company that you can find in super markets. I mean I would totally buy them if they weren’t fried in vegetable oils, but it is probably a good thing they are because I would be eating them...

Pork and Beef Skillet Meatloaf

  Ok, so I must admit I am very proud of this whole post. The recipe was amazing and I feel like my photos came out excellent. This meal was honestly made up from what I had in my fridge and freezer at the time. I love meatloaf, I mean who doesn’t? Meatloaf screams ‘Merica…topped...
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Skillet Tomato Chicken Thighs

Here it is again, a one skillet meal to satisfy all of your needs. We all know I am a fan of chicken thighs. Why you ask? They are cheap and loaded with so much flavor compared to breasts. Don’t get me wrong I love some breasts but I am a thigh-guy through and through....

Paleo Paella

This is a Paleo version of the Valencia style of paella. Adaptions include smoked/ grilled chicken, but we kept it quick and simple with chorizo and shrimp. The basic flavors of this dish are saffron, and a richly complex tomato broth. It’s much quicker than traditional paella because cauliflower doesn’t absorb …

Portuguese Style Littleneck Clams

Littleneck clams are hands down my favorite seafood. I eat them raw, steamed or cooked Portuguese style. They are so delicious and relatively easy to cook with a cooking time of under 15 minutes you can have an amazing appetizer or meal. Littlenecks are loaded with protein, with an estimated 22 grams of protein per...

Secret Ingredient Paleo Meatloaf

So my husband absolutely loves meatloaf, which is great because it’s a relatively simple meal to prepare. BUT what complicates things is that he is incredibly particular about the meatloaf that he likes. I am pretty sure there’s nothing that pisses him off more than dry meatloaf (ok, that might be a …
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